Winning the award for Best Independent – Maintained School Collaboration for 2014 has been such a thrilling experience for all concerned. To receive such recognition has meant so much to our school and to the very hardworking staff that have created our Sporting Outreach work over the last 8 years. We feel incredibly proud to have our school recognised in this way and what is clear, from the amount of celebration it has created, is that the award’s legacy will be to spur us on to develop and enhance our maintained sector outreach even further in the future!

Michael Getty, headteacher, Shrewsbury High School

We feel absolutely privileged to have won British International School of 2014. It is a real testament to the hard work, passion and enthusiasm of our staff, students and parents, all of whom make our great school what it is. We were delighted to receive the award and it was a real pleasure to meet colleagues from other schools and strike up new friendships. We hope to apply again next year!

Daniel Jones, headteacher, Cambridge House Community College, Valencia

We were absolutely stunned to have won the Special Needs Initiative of the Year award and are very grateful. We have shown the trophy to the pupils at assembly today and it is now available for them all to explore (VERY CAREFULLY) so they can feel the weight of the trophy and feel the inscription.”

Julie Fardell, headteacher, The Royal Blind School

You do not know how much satisfaction this award has given me and the school. One of the most satisfying experiences in my teaching career.

Jonathan Whybrow, headteacher, Beachborough School

The impact that winning an award has on the whole school community is so positive and we are already thinking ahead about which category we might enter next year.

Valerie Dunsford, headteacher, Sheffield High School